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Solvang, Ca. (October 16, 2014) -- Introducing GreenLife’s Solvang Retreat, brought to you by the GreenLife dream team. GreenLife Solvang is the third full-service wellness retreat and center to be added to the GL franchise since the company’s inception just six short months ago.

Discretely nestled on a striking acre of vineyard in the heart of the Santa Ynez Mountains, this all-inclusive wellness staycation is officially open to anyone who wants to maintain and enjoy good health. GreenLife Solvang is also open to those in the early to intermediate stages of cancer, Type II Diabetes and folks who are at risk of heart disease.

Retreat guests may choose from one, two and three day long Green Vita packages where they will learn how to cleanse and restore the lower intestines, and hydrate the entire body from head to toe using dense foods and plant-based supplements.

Guests will also have around-the-clock access to top-notch alternative medical care, personal chefs, daily guided meditations, yoga & Qigong, in addition to Ultra-Lux spa treatments (lymphatic massages, Vita Mineral scrubs and more).

Green Life was founded by wellness guru and vegan advocate, Mike Jones. Jones stands by the theory that nearly all diseases can be cured or reversed by adopting a new standard of eating in lieu of aggressive and unnecessary pharmaceutical and medical treatments.

“By consuming vitamin-rich, plant-based foods in the right combinations, we can quite literally rid our bodies of diseases by stimulating healthy cell growth. And that’s only the beginning,” says Jones.

“Even certified MDs trained solely in Western medicine are beginning to recommend GreenLife Retreats to their Diabetic and Cancer patients as an alternative to aggressive chemical treatments. This is a real breakthrough for the modern medical community as a whole.” Jones is confident that this is a growing trend, and he only sees GreenLife continuing to expand while helping to heal people across the Nation and around the globe.

The aim of GreenLife Solvang is to teach guests a new and sustainable way to live that is not only healthy, but is also safe and enjoyable. The all-inclusive experience will leave guests feeling like they have a choice to forgo expensive medical treatments that are often painful and can be extremely taxing on the body.

GreenLife Solvang is a sanctuary for the mind, body and soul, and it is also the ultimate freedom from medical myths. Eat right. Heal within. Live long and well. Here’s to your health – GreenLife Solvang!

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


Mock press release for client. Copy by Elizabeth Rosselle






Tony Bennett and JD Shultz

Tony Bennett and JD Shultz


Los Angeles, CA, May 26, 2013 -- The Four Seasons, Las Vegas, has announced they’ll be hosting a solo art exhibit showcasing a selection of original works by renowned artist/musician, JD Shultz, aka “Human Brother.” The artist to the stars has hand selected a colorful array of his favorite pieces from his personal collection to be displayed at the luxury resort’s Las Vegas location from June 13th - June 16th, 2013. It’s a show you won’t want to miss.

A true visionary, Shultz is known for his innovative use of acrylics on the reverse side of Plexiglas. Using this technique, JD creates rich vivacious images that tap into our most primal senses. His extensive musical background also lends itself beautifully to his work, resulting in life size pieces that capture the soul of rock-n-roll. JD’s collectors include celebrities such as Larry King, Ryan Seacrest, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Ric Ocasek and many more.

Philanthropy plays a huge role in JD’s career as an artist. His life’s mission is to help raise awareness for causes that are close to his heart. Keeping art and music in schools and at home for children are at the core of his philanthropic endeavors. “I believe that nourishing the brain with hands on creativity from a very young age only helps to shape a person in ways that can never be replicated,” says Shultz. To date, JD has leveraged his talent as an artist to raise nearly $200K for charity, supporting organizations like The Grammy’s/Musicares Foundation, Barbara Streisand’s Women’s Heart Disease Foundation, The American Heart Association, and The Art of Elysium to name just a few. “I believe that creative expression is a necessity to reaching one’s true human potential in the world,” he says, “and is the heart and soul of our planet earth.”

When JD is not producing dazzling artwork, he’s spending his time as an award winning producer/songwriter whose music has been featured on tastemaker radio stations like The world famous KROQ 106.7 and KCRW. In the music world, JD goes by the pseudonym, “Human Brother,” and wears all musical hats. Being a producer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer and mixer on all of his own songs, he puts other industry leaders to shame. His latest solo album, “Back To Music,” is about to be released and the first video for the album, “Hailey’s Rising,” can be viewed here: The video is directed and edited by the one and only JD Shultz.

Shultz’s dedication to philanthropy coupled with his prodigious talent make him one of the art and music industry’s biggest up-and-comers. He’s making his creative mark on the world one great cause at a time and is quickly becoming a household name.

The upcoming Four Seasons exhibition is being generously sponsored by MGM Resorts International – a client of JD Shultz. His artwork can also be found in Las Vegas’s Bellagio and Aria Hotels – both MGM properties. For more info please visit:


Press Release for Artist / Musician J.D. Shultz. Copy by Elizabeth Rosselle