Most Recent Full-Time Position: 

  • Head of Creative Media at 4over, Inc. (North America's Largest Trade Printer where "We Print Awesomeness") - left in September 2016 to travel, freelance and build a brand. :)



University of California at San Diego              

Major: Philosophy (BA)

Minor: Creative Writing

Elizabeth Rosselle

Copywriter cliché number one: We love words.

Copywriter cliché number two: We love sentences.

Copywriter cliché number three: We love clever (yet simple) headlines.

Confession: I love clichés.

Lyricists like Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits make me weak in the knees.

Writing stories makes me smile, solving problems with words to market a product gives me energy, and blogging makes me feel close to myself. 

Art. Word Art. Pop Art. Clichés. Clichés. Clichés. Bring it. Rinse. Repeat. 

Here, you'll find a nice little collection of my work – everything from entertainment & fashion editorial, to marketing & branding copy, to video production. 

But at the end of the day, this is about YOU and your awesome brand (and about seizing opportunities where you can dare to start sentences with conjunctions). ;)

So, have a look around my virtual digs (i.e., this site) and get to know how I put words and concepts together. If you'd like to collaborate so that we can make your brilliant brand shine ever-the-brighter, give me a shout. The only requirement of mine is that we have lots of fun in the process. Here's to your next rock star marketing campaign, or newsletter, or video, or press release, or article, or anything we can dream up. The sky is the limit, my friends! 

Contact moi at:

(Note: not accepting positions in the commercial print industry at this time.)

CURIOUS ABOUT WHY I WRITE? Sometimes I am, too, but I happen to love it, so click *here* if you’d like to learn more.